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Las Vegas offers an unbelievable variety of restaurants, bars and small cafés. You can find all major food-chains of the US here but also many of the world most famous chefs run at least one restaurant in the city. Not less than 16 restaurants are decorated with at least one Michelin star. Each of the most famous hotels at the Strip and in Downtown Las Vegas has at least one famous restaurant. The Bellagio and the MGM hotel complexes host even several highly decorated restaurants. However, the prices in these most famous restaurants are outrageous. Since it would be almost impossible to give a detailed overview over all restaurants in Las Vegas, we will review only some of the most impressive restaurants in the categories Gourmet / Business and Family / Budget.

Eiffel Tower

Let’s start our culinary journey with the Eiffel Tower, one of the best restaurants in Vegas with an outstanding view on the city in general and, of course, the fountains of the Bellagio in particular. The restaurant is located on the 11th floor. It was rewarded by the James Beard Foundation as the “best outstanding restaurant”. Chef Joho and his team offer the best of the French kitchen. If you are visiting the Eiffel Tower for the first time, we can recommend you the so-called “tasting menu”, a full menu featuring French specialties and selected wines. The prices are very high and seat reservation is highly recommended.

Joël Robuchon

The most decorated restaurant of the city is the Joël Robuchon at the MGM. It is the only restaurant in Las Vegas that is decorated by three Michelin stars and a winner of the Mobil 5 Star Award. The two chefs, Le Tohic and Danzaki, have worked together with Rubuchon, the master of contemporary kitchen, and now they are making his vision alive in Las Vegas. Surely, it is not the place to go if you are looking just for a small snack for your children. In this restaurant, the fine French dining is celebrated at its best. One of the group menus consists of not less than 16 (!) courses. Reservation is also highly recommended.


Another thrilling event is a visit of the Picasso. It is one of the high-class restaurants at the Bellagio that offers French and Contemporary cuisine. Besides the excellent food which is cooked by chef Serrano himself, highlights are the original Picasso works that are hanging (without glass protection) at the wall. All Picasso works make together a total price of around 35 million US-$. The special flair and the fact that the star chef of the restaurant is still working in the kitchen make the restaurant so extravagant. The wine cellar hosts more than 20,000 excellent wines from all over the world. Reservation is recommended as well.


But when looking for great restaurants, you should not only consider French cuisine. The NobHill offers a Modern American kitchen. Chef Mina bases his creations on the Californian Sea Food of the San Francisco area. In addition, the restaurant offers daily specials like a turkey dinner on Sunday. The prices are high and reservation is recommended.

Nobu Las Vegas

Another speciality restaurant is the Nobu Las Vegas, which has been rewarded with one Michelin star in 2008. An interesting fact is that the Chef Noba Matsuhisa owns 25 restaurants in 21 cities on five continents all over the world. He has also appeared in several Hollywood productions – for example, Casino (1995). The restaurant features modern Japanese kitchen including the world famous sushi. It is part of the Hard Rock Hotel Complex which is near the Las Vegas International airport.


The Venetian is known for bringing Italian lifestyle to the heart of Las Vegas. One of the restaurants hosted by the Venetian is the famous Valentino. The restaurant has one of the largest wine lists in the entire US which is already an achievement. Not less than 24,000 different wines from all around the world are stored here. The restaurant features many typical Italian style elements including terrazzo flooring. As many other restaurants, the Valentino also offers tasting menus which combine the highlights of the a la carte menu.


Of course, we can’t miss a 2005 Epicurean award winner for best restaurant on the Strip – Bouchon at the Venetian. The restaurant offers French cuisine and seafood. The Bushon’s grand plateau of fruits de mere is one of the most delicious dishes ever. The chef Thomas Keller shows one more time that the cuisine is a real art.

Lotus of Siam

Las Vegas is certainly one of the places with the highest density of highly expensive restaurants in the world. However, you do not need to invest a fortune in order to get high quality food. One of the best places where you can go dining for moderate prices is the Lotus of Siam. In contrast to the previous restaurant, it is not located in one of the big hotels but in the Commercial Center. The two owners offer a great variety of delicious, fresh Thai food.

The Super Mex Restaurant & Cantina

Another good and inexpensive alternative is located at the East Sunset Road. The Super Mex Restaurant & Cantina offers traditional Mexican kitchen in a pleasing environment.

Il Fornaio

Another challenge is to find a restaurant suitable for families with children. Most high-quality restaurants are not suitable for families with one or more children. Neither the offered food nor the etiquette fit the requirements of families. Fortunately, there are some restaurants in Las Vegas which are absolutely child-friendly. If you are visiting the New York New York Hotel with your family, you should definitely check the Il Fornaio. The Italian restaurant offers a variety of Mediterrian dishes. The specialties of the restaurant are the menus for more than two persons, since they combine the best dishes in one menu. Besides excellent pizza and paste, the Il Fornaio offers great desserts such as an excellent Tiramisu and a chocolate mousse.

The Marrakech

An exciting experiment for the whole family is a visit at the Marrakech. The Moroccan restaurant offers the exotic flavour of Northern Africa. There you can have home-made Moroccan bread, shish kebabs or drink of the freshly brewed Moroccan mint tea and watch the exiting performance of the belly dancer in the evening. The restaurant is located at the Park Financial Center.


Last but not least we want to mention Nevada’s largest McDonald’s restaurant, which is located next to the Circus Circus hotel. Although the menu does not differ from other McDonald restaurants, the design of the restaurant certainly does. Several flatscreen TVs that are fixed to the ceiling, show the recent program of the McDonalds channel. A wireless network connection is available for all costumers.




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