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Getting Married in Vegas

Las Vegas is on a constant growth in terms of the number tourist it receives and the number I residents it has. Since the early 1990’s, Las Vegas has been known for its legalized gambling, smoke free environment and the high luxury class it provides. The Strip, which is where all the main casinos and hotels are located, is the most important spot in Las Vegas. When ever some visits Las Vegas, they are sure to have been to the Strip. Famous hotels like The Bellagio are located right in the middle of the strip, which makes it one of most convenient hotels to stay at. A new trend has been growing out of this wonderful city, and it is weddings. More and more people are getting married in Las Vegas. Economically speaking, with the increase in weddings, there is surely an increase in wedding chapels and wedding planners. Las Vegas is now, in 2010, one of the most demanding places where people get married. Some of the main reasons are;

1. Las Vegas offers a wide range of pre/post wedding activities.
2. It is quite affordable to hold a Las Vegas wedding.
3. Its fun to brag about with other couples.

There are tons of chapels to choose from. One of the major ones known around Las Vegas is called The Chapel of the Flowers. It is located in a convenient spot, in the southern part of Las Vegas Boulevard. It is highly known for its sense of class and décor. The decorations are just amazing and the place is extremely elegant. It simply defines the word, wedding. Once you step inside, you will be mesmerized. They can also cater to your special needs. If you require a different type of chapel, they will be able to provide that for you. This chapel will give you a traditional wedding, with touch of modernization. Some couples don’t aim for a traditional wedding, but more of a fun and elegant selection. For couples of that sort, the Graceland Wedding Chapel would be an excellent choice. They have a spacious area, which has been decorated very well. The Graceland Chapel has been around for quite a long time, and it has attracted famous people such as Bon Jovi and Elvis.

If you want something from olden days, around the mid sixties and fifties, then the DooWop Diner Wedding Chapel will do best for you. It’s an older chapel which follows the tradition from the fifties. The décor clearly reflects the fifties, and it will bring you back to that time. The music for dance is played through a jukebox. Even though all this may sound way back, they still have a sense of the modern world. The management will be able to stream your wedding live over the internet. This is great for people you have relatives around the world because, they can be watching your wedding live!




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