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In this section we want to deal with the most common games you can play in Las Vegas Casinos. We will start from the game we like the most, poker, a fascinating and complex mixture of luck and skill.

Ten keys to success in poker and nine things that you have to consider before going professional

There are many places where you can find poker books. You can become a winner if you learn to apply some of the written principles. To begin there are ten main keys to success at the poker table that you should consider.

1.You have to know your weaknesses and your strengths

Everything comes from the fact that different things work for different people. For instance, some poker players are well-matched to tournaments, others are better in card rooms. Exactly for that reason you should play within the limits of the area of your own comfort zone. In other words, you should know your own abilities and you should do what you are good at. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

2.You have to act reliably

Whatever you accomplish in poker, will be a result of your own play. Of course, one of the factors in this game is luck, especially in the short run, but till you recognize your own responsibility for the results you achieve, you won't be able to apply sufficient control over your abilities and skills in order to guarantee success.

3.Use your head and think

You can’t just play the game, you should also think about it. If you don’t do your poker homework regularly, you'll simply delay your progress. You must read all the modern poker literature, and you should think about the game at any time. You have to think about the game when you're away and while you're at the table. Evaluate the hands you've seen. Analyze all your previous games and the way you and the other players at the table played. Make your mind whether you would have played your hands in another way - and if yes, why? To learn poker is like to learn almost everything else, it is an increasing process. Modify, analyze, and think about your game. Then, if you must, repeat everything.

4.Always have a plan

When you play poker you have to know the answers to some questions, such as: what your objective is? Do you want to have fun while you are playing? Do you want to be a great tournament player? Do you want to be the best $15-$30 player around? How much exactly are you prepared to risk? If you know the answers to these questions you can prepare for your poker play a definite plan. If you don’t have a plan, the chances to become someone’s pawn in a game are quite high and I am sure that nobody wants that.

5.You have to set different deadlines

You need to plan how much time you need before you master the game and start playing. If you set a limit of playing around 25 hours per week, try to stick to it. If you lost all your money for poker and you have to restore your finances before you start playing back in the casino, you must plan how much time do you need before you can get back on  track. After the plan is ready, gather the money you need and start playing again.

6.You shouldn’t forget to stay realistic

If you desire to win the WSOP (World Series of Poker), it won’t be necessary only to read a book or two, since you have to taste the big limit games. You must see your true abilities and take all the time you need to master the game of poker on theory and practice.
You should always start with a reachable goal which will be enough for a start. After you reach it, you can continue with the next more complex goal. For instance, you can plan to play one or two reasonably priced tournaments per week, or you can play in satellites that as a rule are part of the format surrounding main tournaments. If you don't make it there, just keep trying. But always try to save your funds. You're most likely not prepared yet to spend a lot of money as entry fees to major events.

7.You have to predict some difficulties on the way

During the period you are struggling, growing, and reaching for a higher level of skill you will succumb to all of your flaws as a poker player. You might have read most of the books written by poker experts but still you won’t be able to play as they do. To believe the opposite might lead you to a place where you don’t want to go. All top poker players fought in order to reach a certain level of success that brought them where they are now. You have to do the same. Just by watching golf videos or play golf on Wii console will not make you a Tiger Woods. The poker books will teach you the language of poker or how to play the game, but they won’t teach you how to become the best player. The latter you have to learn through playing, making mistakes and learning from them.

8.Goal - Small Accomplishments

If today you are not a successful player but you read a lot, you should practice the things that you’ve read and try to combine the strategies with your personal style of play. In that way you will improve drastically your game. Continue doing what works the best for you and success will find its way to you. Don’t let some small setbacks to put you on the tilt. You already considered having some difficulties while you are mastering the game of poker. If you don’t play well, analyze your way of playing and next times try not to make the same mistakes. There is room for other ones - believe me. If you catch yourself using lines such as “Just this time” or ”Just one time” you are on the wrong path. This type of playing can and will hurt you. In the beginning you should try to focus on the small accomplishments. Try to find out what leads to them.

9.Be Persistant

You have to continue playing, practicing and continue building on small success. You should enjoy all your moments of success. After that, set another goal in front of you. In your mind you should try to watch yourself making the correct plays at the poker table. The moment you are able to put the strategies in your mind in action, you will be able to see your winnings increase. Keep playing, showing your best game, and continue moving forward. Don’t underestimate your opponents and that will help you to improve your game as well. If you don’t continue improving it, you’ll be probably moving backwards in comparison with the rest of your usual opponents.

10.Don’t forget to have fun

Take pleasure in the game while you are playing. You are free to choose the time when you want to play poker and if you don’t find any pleasure in it, just stop playing. There are certain things in life that we can’t choose, but the things that we choose we should enjoy doing. For years, some of the players are gripping when they play and it looks like they are not happy at all. One benefit is that the unhappy players as a rule represent profit. In other words, have fun while you are playing or find something else that you’ll enjoy. You are not going to be a successful poker player if you have to fight yourself as well as the other players. Show up at the poker table, have fun during the game, and gain success.

Most of the poker players dream to play professionally. You just have to choose the time and the place and you can go to play anywhere you want, since there are many casinos that await you. Poker isn't just any job, so you have to ask yourself “Can I make a living as a poker player?” You have to consider that as a poker player your monthly income is not going to be steady and there will be time when you will only lose money. It is a risk that not everyone is ready to take but still there are people that choose poker as their profession. Many people make in poker their second carrier after they retire. Before you make that choice you should take into consideration a few indications:

I.Consider your own results

Everyone who wants to make poker her/his career choice must keep constant track on all the previous games or in other words keep a poker diary. It doesn’t matter if you had bad day for any reason and you didn’t play your best at the poker table in the casino. When poker is your job, there are no excuses allowed. Any “would of”, “should of” or “could of” doesn’t mean anything, only reality counts. There is no time for not being concentrated.

II.Play when you're not at your best

One other thing that differ professional poker players from the rest is how good they play when they are not at their best, because you can’t be at your best all the time. Pro players must play their best poker game every time they are at the poker table. If you feel that you can’t do that, you mustn’t play. Don’t forget that you can play poker at any time of the day as long as it suits you. You are not forced to play and if you are not at the top of your game don’t do it because you will lose a lot of money. If you don’t feel well, just find something else to do on this day.

III.Continue keeping good records

You are not ready to play poker professionally, if you haven't been maintained high-quality records. Of course, you can try it anyway, since there is no one who will stop you but without strong foundation (your results data) you may mislead yourself about your capability, and that can cost you more than just funds. If you have other responsibilities such as family, career, etc. then losing all your money by playing poker is maybe not the best thing to do since it is going to influence also other people. All mentioned till now it’s easy to check since casinos are full with broken souls.

IV.Make a decision where to play

If you are keeping good scores and you are considered as a winning player you have to decide where you want to play. Possibly you are living in an area where there are only small games that can’t provide the kind of lifestyle you want. Before you make general decisions like moving to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or California maybe it’s not a bad idea if you move there just for six weeks or a month. You have to do that because there might be some differences between the games that you are used to and the ones in the new city. You have to make sure whether you want to move from small limit to bigger limit games. As expected, moving up the ladder will assure your collision with better players. In order to become professional poker player you have to find your own steps on the ladder. It’s searching a balance between the betting limits and the quality of your opponents or in other words, balance between how much money you can earn and how much money you will earn. It’s easier to become a winner in smaller games but they limit the amount of money that you can win. On the other hand, big limit games have stronger competition but if you manage to win, you might end up with the best balance between your actual win and your theoretical earning power. If you are good enough, you will get to that limit and you can move to the place of your choice. In that way you can find out if this is the place where you belong.

V.Use statistics in order to predict your expectations

If you are not sure that you can beat at the games you are going to play, you can use statistics to assist you to review what you might expect to win over the long haul. You have to calculate your standard deviation and you have to use it to evaluate the results that you might achieve. After you become familiar with the standard deviation model, you'll realize that it is a useful tool for describing and qualifying your winning average per hour. You'll also understand that poker strategy often involves walking a fine line between playing aggressively and not taking unnecessary risks.

VI.Evaluate your risk tolerance

The answers to the question repeatedly asked in your head "How should I play this hand?" actually depend on your own risk tolerance. You're free to choose your playing style. For that there is no right or wrong. This is not an anomaly it’s just the reason why very aggressive players sometimes run a greater risk of going broke than work-a-day, pros.

VII.No License Required for Becoming Pro

There is no certificate required in order to become a professional poker player. Absolutely anyone can do it. You might succeed beyond your wildest dreams if you play smart and don’t go over your head. Just give it a try and see.

VIII.Following Good Examples

Playing poker can be sometimes lonely and a solitary experience but it could provide an opportunity to find other successful players who can serve you as role models. Look up to players whose results you admire and try to find out their game strategy. Try to learn all their secrets concerning avoiding going on tilt and how they resist temptation during the poker games. In any card room you will find enough people that you can talk to, but only a few that can speak honestly with you. If you find such friends, keep them close because it is very important to have the opportunity to discuss your problems and your play with someone else. As a result, each of you will experience some improvement.

IX.Asking the Right Questions

It’s very important as in life that you ask yourself the right questions. Questions like “Why can't I win?”, “Why do I always get the bad beats?”, “Why does the person in seat two always win with aces and I always lose with them?” are definitely the wrong questions to ask. Such questions are self-defeating because they are based on the assumption that life at the poker table is beyond your control. If you stop to think in that wrong way and accept the fact that you are responsible for all you do at the poker table, you might consider asking different questions: “How can I keep applying all learned winning strategies?”, “What can I do to continue with my preparation to win?”, “How can I increase my winnings by eliminating and recognizing the "flows" in my game? If you learn to ask the right questions, your mind will lead you to positive suggestions. Successful poker players, do this habitually. To become a successful professional poker player you need discipline, skill, strength of character, and the willingness to carry on even when everything seems to be going against you. Professional poker can be amusing, worthwhile, and social; and not a lot of jobs let you choose your own working hours. Just remember that playing poker for a living is not easy, but if you're realistic about your chances, you might be able to make it.

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